KEYBOARD: 76 semi-weighted keys.
DISPLAY: capacitive 7 Touch Screen.
SOUNDS: new state-of-the-art Grand Pianos. More than 100 New professional sounds with Strings, Brass, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth and Organs with true Slow Fast Rotor samples. New Emotional Classic Solos Violin, Oboe, Flute, Soprano, Peruvian Flute, with natural decay and vibrato. Voice Edit enhanced with DSP and Insert controls.
LIVE GUITARS: up to 100 New audio Live Guitars featuring Folk, Electric and Nylon Guitar Patterns.
GROOVES: more than 400 Stereo Latin Percussion Grooves.
LAUNCHPAD: new powerful and full interactive ambient combining Style Modeling, Real Time Sequencer and Loop Maker, with 12 Pads and 6 Scenes.
STYLES: 300 Styles. New Live Band Styles with New Audio Drums and Live Guitars. Compatibility with User Audio Drums @ from Audya series. Possibilty to import custom Audio Drums into the machine. Style Edit with New Pattern recording and Editing functions.
MODELING: new Modeling enhanced with Live Guitars, Latin Grooves, Audio Drums, New Bass and Synth Sequences.
USER MEMORY: up to 700 MB of Flash memory available for User Sounds or additional KETRON Libraries.
SAMPLE EDITOR: capability for the user to create and store his own Multisample instruments.
MULTIMEDIA: 3 x USB Host. 1 Usb device. Optional Hard dis